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Shiny Copper Lucky Cat Maneki Neko - Cosmic Edition

Shiny Copper Lucky Cat Maneki Neko - Cosmic Edition

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Lucky Cat Shiny Copper Maneki Neko by Donkey

Are there other forms of life in distant galaxies? Space is truly a fascinating thing and no one knows exactly how the unknown forces in the universe work. But we know one thing for sure: everyone can use a little extra luck. And that's exactly where Cosmic Cats will help you! They embody the planets of our solar system and therefore each color of this special edition has a very special meaning. The Shiny Copper color represents Mars.

By the way: The packaging of the Lucky Cat has a real collector's character and is an excellent base to emphasize the cosmic cat on the shelves. Who knows? Maybe one day all cosmic cats will adorn your shelf and complete the entire solar system.
Which planet is your lucky planet? If the planet Mars is still a little monstrous for you, our blue planet Earth might appeal to you, take a look at the color Shiny Blue!

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Glossy Copper
  • Size: approximately 15 x 10.5 cm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Without batteries
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The lucky cat has a legendary origin story - various myths and legends have shaped its meaning over the years. What has remained since time immemorial is the importance of the waving cat as a lucky charm! its tireless ripples, the Maneki Neko brings good luck to its owners. The coin it wears means "SEN MAN RYOU", which means 10 million gold coins for you.

Traditionally, the lucky cat is placed near the front door to bring good luck directly into the house. However, placement is not limited to near the entrance - whether on a shelf, a desk or a sideboard, the cat will feel comfortable everywhere in its new home!

If a share of luck is needed in a certain area of life, the color scheme of the Japanese talisman is particularly important: because each color of the lucky cats is assigned a very special meaning.


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