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Diminuto Cielo

Yellow Lemon Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

Yellow Lemon Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

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Lucky Cat Yellow maneki neko Diminuto Cielo < /p>

diminutive sky Luckycat is a fun, colorful and joyful interpretation of the classic Chinese Bonse Bonse Cat, Maneki-Neko or Fortune Cat .

Each color attracts a different chance. Lemon yellow attracts: money is coming. Luck. "

Do not forget to place it in front of the entrance or the door to attract luck.

  • Description : The Manekineko or Laundom Cat of Diminuto Cielo is based on the classic Chinese Bonse Bonest Cat, he moves his little arm and is painted by hand.
  • Dimensions : large: 12x9x18cm, medium: 10x6x15cm (length/width/height)
  • Material : plastic and necklace with metal part
  • batteries : The lucky cat needs 1.5 V AA batteries to move its paw. He must be constantly in motion and facing the door to attract luck. If, for any reason, you want to turn off the cat, you must remove the battery.
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